Thursday, September 30, 2010

Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso

While I was relegated to an armoire my owner and her husband were off to go exploring. The first order of business was food. They ran across a very good  little place called El Pisto nothing fancy (the best kind).

Within a few blocks of the border they walked and shopped heading in the direction of Mexico. Mr. Owner was quite amused at some of the displays on the street.  They were a bit surprised that everything was in Spanish though interestingly enough the owners of most of the stores they ventured into seemed to be Asian. They began to feel very out of place, foreign even, an unusual feeling in one's own country.  They walked until they came to the border crossing. Traffic was backed up coming into the country only. No one was going into Mexico. Sadly, many of the residents they met  told of growing up casually going back and forth but the situation had become completely unsafe, thus a traditional part of life for El Paso residents has changed.

More walking then back to the hotel for a quick change and another great meal at a fabulous restaurant called Cafe' Central which was lovely (though pricey) and I can't imagine why my silly owner didn't get a picture. Honestly she could give me more to work with here.

The highlight of the Camino Real Hotel is the Dome Bar with its original Tiffany glass dome over the round bar original to the hotel built in 1912. I overheard my owner reading all the brochures aloud to Mr. Owner. A suitcase can learn a lot that way.

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