Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ski Hell Fades

Okay, it did get better. She actually wasn't a bad little skier by the end of the day and he felt comfortable leaving her alone for a couple of runs in the late afternoon.  She likes to figure things out for herself, that one, and let's be honest, she doesn't take instruction well. By the end of the day though when she'd had a hot shower and dinner, she couldn't wait to get out there again the next morning. 

She was happy when she woke up...until she tried to move.  She ached in muscles she didn't even know she had.  What would be good for that? Ah yes, another day of freezing temps and the grueling physical activity that was the source of her pain. Somehow sometime around late morning, the word "fun" popped into her head. In direct relation to her careening down the side of a mountain and narrowly missing a tree. Clearly the cold had frozen some very important brain cells.
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