Friday, January 25, 2013

Beekeeper Field Trip: Savannah Bee Company

The first week in December I made an annual trek to Coastal Georgia to visit a friend. This journey always includes a trip to the Savannah Bee Company. This year's visit was special. This year I had a year of keeping bees under my belt (or bee suit). It increased my appreciation of the store and what they do there astronomically. I tasted the honey samples and eyed the various colors in the bottles mentally comparing them to my own backyard harvest.
I looked around the store at the various products and listened to people ask questions I now knew the answers to. Though from all the veteran beekeepers I've heard, beekeeping is one of those things you can do your entire life and never perfect. Kind of like marriage or chess.

My friend stocked up on Winter White, which is a miraculous and indescribably delicious, type of honey from "Rocky Mountain wildflower fields" according to their site.

 Here are some pictures from my visit:

 Honeycomb sample.


I found the clean rows of bottles mesmerizing. 

Step right up to the honey bar for a tasting! 

These are the boxes that bees are shipped in. I cannot wait to do this with mine. Though a Carolina wren in my potting shed thought it made a lovely nesting site.

People are always amazed that the bees are shipped in these boxes of screen and wood, and that the bees are visible.

I think this play hive is for kids only. :(

The story of this company is one of a person finding his passion in life and taking the leap of faith to follow his dreams and see what happened.

Read About Savannah Bee Company here.
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