Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Power of Leggings

 Knit fabrics are musts for travel. When packing for the most days with the least amount of items the key is rolling articles of clothing instead of folding. I picked up this tunic at Ross for $7.99. Here are the 3 ways I intend to wear it. Outfit # 1 is brown leggings, brown cardigan, and Privo walking shoes for city sight seeing. I added a scarf with the exact same colors thought a pattern of keys that I picked up in Florence. I think this will be perfect for a cool day touring museums and outdoor attractions.

Outfit # 2 is replacing the scarf with a piece of flashy jewelry, black leggings, and patent leather flats. This will be a quick change for dinner. The fact that the pattern has both black and brown in it makes it easy to bridge that divide we have to make when shoes and accessories or brown?

Outfit # 3 brings it down a couple of notches with jeggings and a short sleeved gray cardigan for stylishly bumming around cities, eating in outdoor cafes, shopping, and people watching.

Here's a tunic dress that I rescued from a friend's daughter's Goodwill bag. The sleeves are floaty and the skirt part is shimmery. Perfect with black leggings and those black flats again for dinner.

For comfortably walking city streets or on travel days pair it with  brown leggings, cardigan, and a scarf that incorporates purples, browns, and oranges to tie the look together. I'm not a big fan of necklaces and bracelets for day trips. A cross body bag leaves you hands free and I am going to be wearing a camera as well. Skip belts in the daytime for the same reason. Too many dangly strappy things are just going to be a nuisance and bracelets get in the way when taking off layers and putting them on over the course of the day.

They key to traveling comfortably is to stylishly simplify.
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