Sunday, June 10, 2012

Magic in Orlando

Last weekend My Owner and her son traveled to Orlando, compliments of Hilton Garden Inn. They had been invited to a Magical Get Away and slumber party for mommy bloggers. Madame's Mr. Snarky was by far the oldest "child" there at 20. Being his mother's son, however, he had more fun than anyone else. Those two ate great food, rode roller coasters, and had an all around good time. They arrived at the airport in a downpour and after settling in at the hotel caught the I Ride Trolley just near the hotel and rode it to Pointe Orlando in search of food. This is a great place for shopping and MO would have enjoyed it immensely on the sunny Florida day she had packed for. Instead, she was drenched and running from store to store looking for a place to eat. Several places seemed not to be open for lunch, or perhaps they were just empty because of the weather, and MO and Mr. Snarky landed at Hooters. I'm pretty sure MO was the only mommy blogger taking her kid there for lunch.

They arrived back at the hotel with just enough time to get ready for dinner. The HGI team had planned a fun evening of kid friendly food, (complete with a sundae bar!) and the movie, Finding Nemo. Mr. Snarky bailed early to head back to the room.

I mean, come on, the playoffs were on!

The next day it was time for Epcot and Hollywood Studios using their Disney day hopper passes. Their shared passion for travel and food made Epcot the perfect choice for morning then in the afternoon they headed to Hollywood Studios where it was Star Wars weekend. AKA nerd heaven.

So of course those two fit right in.  Here are some pictures from their day:

Hollywood Studios backlot and flash flood!

Like a kid in a candy store...

I say, may I use the telly?

Art for the art history student in "France"

The age cut off for the Jedi Training Camp is 12? We were a little disappointed.

Legos and Star Wars a match made in heaven...or someplace in the galaxy...

Out of our way!
The perfect place to end a great day and dream of Sea World in the morning!

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