Sunday, August 26, 2012

Urban Cool in Memphis: The Silly Goose Lounge

I really want this picture of Gandhi ..
It's always a blast to discover someplace new for food and drinks with friends. If you happen to be in downtown Memphis the Silly Goose Lounge is a swanky fun place within walking distance of Beale Street and The Orpheum Theater, as well as most anything else you'd want to do while hitting downtown in the Bluff City.

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Surrounded by hip decor that combines urban swank with a funky elegance, you'll want to pile in to one of the cozy seating areas with friends whether you are cranking up for the evening or winding down. The atmosphere is more slick than silly,  more sophisticated swan than goose. Offering a full bar where you can even get a mint julep (you may have to tell the young bartenders how to make it) which is difficult most places if you've tried to order one.
I love it when the folks who prepare your food want to talk to you about it!
I didn't really expect a lot from the menu since they offered "bar food" which conjures up images of wings and cheese plates. It was refreshing to see hummus and pita on the menu. We ordered that along with chicken quesadillas. I was pleasantly surprised at how good both items were. We were there in the early evening before attending a show, so it wasn't crowded. What the scene and service are like later in the night I hope to go back and find out.

All in the name of research, naturally!

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